Justine Gillingham Millinery MYER Oaks Millinery award 2016 - First runner up Posted on 5 Nov 13:32 , 0 comments

What an incredible spring carnival it has been! 

Firstly, huge congratulations to Kiara Manning wearing custom gold butterflies winning the following awards this carnival, Best Hat - Moe cup, Lady of the day - Sale cup, and Lady of the day - Gazetted Pakenham Oaks day. Outstanding Kiara - well done!

Congratulations then go to Stacie Galeano wearing custom made black and grey dragonfly wings in achieving a top 10 position on Derby Day at Flemington. Amazing!

Finally, I am thrilled to announce that second place in the annual MYER Oaks day millinery competition was awarded to Justine Gillingham Millinery, modelled by Johannah Shultz. 

The award winning piece was created by shaping clear plastics and painstakingly hand painted with transparent paints to replicate a cathedral stained glass window. The feedback from the day has been overwhelming and we are incredibly grateful the award received. It was a privilege to share the stage with first prize winner Ian Bennet, and third place Lady of Leisure millinery.